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SubjectRe: [PATCH v15 0/7] mm / virtio: Provide support for free page reporting
On Thu, 2019-12-05 at 08:22 -0800, Alexander Duyck wrote:
> This series provides an asynchronous means of reporting free guest pages
> to a hypervisor so that the memory associated with those pages can be
> dropped and reused by other processes and/or guests on the host. Using
> this it is possible to avoid unnecessary I/O to disk and greatly improve
> performance in the case of memory overcommit on the host.


> Changes from v14:
> Renamed "unused page reporting" to "free page reporting"
> Updated code, kconfig, and patch descriptions
> Split out patch for __free_isolated_page
> Renamed function to __putback_isolated_page
> Rewrote core reporting functionality
> Added logic to reschedule worker in 2 seconds instead of run to completion
> Removed reported_pages statistics
> Removed REPORTING_REQUESTED bit used in zone flags
> Replaced page_reporting_dev_info refcount with state variable
> Removed scatterlist from page_reporting_dev_info
> Removed capacity from page reporting device
> Added dynamic scatterlist allocation/free at start/end of reporting process
> Updated __free_one_page so that reported pages are not always added to tail
> Added logic to handle error from report function
> Updated virtio-balloon patch that adds support for page reporting
> Updated patch description to try and highlight differences in approaches
> Updated logic to reflect that we cannot limit the scatterlist from device
> Added logic to return error from report function
> Moved documentation patch to end of patch set

It has been about a week since I posted v15 and haven't heard anything.
Consider this a gentle ping.

I'm looking for input on patches 3 and 4 in this set as I updated them to
address most of the concerns Mel had. Just wondering if the set needs
additional work or if we are good with this as a starting point for this


- Alex

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