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Subject[PATCH v6 0/6] Fix nits in the kunit
This patchset contains trivial fixes for the kunit documentations and
the wrapper python scripts.


This patchset is based on 'kselftest/fixes' branch of
linux-kselftest[1]. A complete tree is available at my repo:

Version History

Changes from v5
- Rebased on kselftest/fixes
- Add 'Reviewed-by' and 'Tested-by' from Brendan Higgins

Changes from v4
- Rebased on Heidi Fahim's patch[2]
- Fix failing kunit_tool_test test
- Add 'build_dir' option test in ''

Changes from v3
- Fix the 4th patch, "kunit: Place 'test.log' under the 'build_dir'" to
set default value of 'build_dir' as '' instead of NULL so that kunit
can run even though '--build_dir' option is not given.

Changes from v2
- Make 'build_dir' if not exists (missed from v3 by mistake)

Changes from v1
- Remove "docs/kunit/start: Skip wrapper run command" (A similar
approach is ongoing)
- Make 'build_dir' if not exists

SeongJae Park (6):
docs/kunit/start: Use in-tree 'kunit_defconfig'
kunit: Remove duplicated defconfig creation
kunit: Create default config in '--build_dir'
kunit: Place 'test.log' under the 'build_dir'
kunit: Rename 'kunitconfig' to '.kunitconfig'
kunit/kunit_tool_test: Test '--build_dir' option run

Documentation/dev-tools/kunit/start.rst | 13 +++++--------
tools/testing/kunit/ | 18 +++++++++++-------
tools/testing/kunit/ | 10 +++++-----
tools/testing/kunit/ | 10 +++++++++-
4 files changed, 30 insertions(+), 21 deletions(-)


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