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SubjectRe: [REGRESSION] PCI v5.5-rc1 breaks google kevin
Hi Vicente,

On 2019-12-11 11:38 pm, Vicente Bergas wrote:
> Hi,
> since v5.5-rc1 the google kevin chromebook does not boot.
> Git bisect reports 5e0c21c75e8c PCI/ASPM: Remove pcie_aspm_enabled()
> unnecessary locking
> as the first bad commit.
> In order to revert it from v5.5-rc1 i had to also revert some dependencies:
> 5e0c21c75e8c08375a69710527e4a921b897cb7e
> aff5d0552da4055da3faa27ee4252e48bb1f5821
> 35efea32b26f9aacc99bf07e0d2cdfba2028b099
> 687aaf386aeb551130f31705ce40d1341047a936
> 72ea91afbfb08619696ccde610ee4d0d29cf4a1d
> 87e90283c94c76ee11d379ab5a0973382bbd0baf
> After reverting all of this, still no luck.
> So, either the results of git bisect are not to be trusted, or
> there are more bad commits.
> By "does not boot" i mean that the display fails to start and
> the display is the only output device, so debugging is quite difficult.

Assuming it's a manifestation of the same PCI breakage that Enric and
Lorenzo figured out, there's a proposed fix here:


> v5.5-rc1 as is (reverting no commits at all) works fine when disabling PCI:
> # CONFIG_PCI is not set
> Regards,
>  Vicente.
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