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SubjectRE: [PATCH 3/3] net: macb: add support for high speed interface
>> >How has this been tested?
>> >
>> This patch is tested in 10G fixed mode on SFP+ module.
>> In our own lab, we have various hardware test platforms supporting SGMII
>(through a TI PHY and another build that connects to a Marvell 1G PHY), GMII
>(through a Marvell PHY), 10GBASE-R (direct connection to SFP+), USXGMII
>(currently we can emulate this using an SFP+ connection from/to our own
>Are any of these PHY using C45?

No, none of these PHYs use C45.
For C45 testing we had a simulated PHY. The simulated PHY implemented a Clause 45 slave interface.

> Thanks
> Andrew

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