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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] KVM: x86: use CPUID to locate host page table reserved bits
On 11/12/19 01:11, Huang, Kai wrote:
>> kvm_get_shadow_phys_bits() must be conservative in that:
>> 1) if a bit is reserved it _can_ return a value higher than its index
>> 2) if a bit is used by the processor (for physical address or anything
>> else) it _must_ return a value higher than its index.
>> In the SEV case we're not obeying (2), because the function returns 43
>> when the C bit is bit 47. The patch fixes that.
> Could we guarantee that C-bit is always below bits reported by CPUID?

That's a question for AMD. :) The C bit can move (and probably will,
otherwise they wouldn't have bothered adding it to CPUID) in future
generations of the processor.


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