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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 1/1] ARM: dts: rockchip: Add brcm bluetooth for rk3288-veyron
Am Mittwoch, 27. November 2019, 23:39:09 CET schrieb Abhishek Pandit-Subedi:
> This enables the Broadcom uart bluetooth driver on uart0 and gives it
> ownership of its gpios. In order to use this, you must enable the
> following kconfig options:
> This is applicable to rk3288-veyron series boards that use the bcm43540
> wifi+bt chips.
> As part of this change, also refactor the pinctrl across the various
> boards. All the boards using broadcom bluetooth shouldn't touch the
> bt_dev_wake pin.
> Signed-off-by: Abhishek Pandit-Subedi <>

applied for 5.6 with Matthias' Rb.


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