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SubjectRe: [PATCH] media:usb:cpia2: Properly check framebuffer mmap offsets
Hi Greg,

On 11/8/19 9:49 PM, Greg Kroah-Hartman wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 08, 2019 at 09:50:36PM +0000, Omer Shalev wrote:
>> The cpai2 driver's mmap implementation wasn't properly check for all
>> possible offset values. Given a huge offset value , the calculation
>> start_offset + size can wrap around to a low value and pass the check
> I thought we checked that in the core of the kernel now, to keep all
> drivers from not having to do this type of thing (as they obviously all
> forgot to.) Why is this still needed here as well?

Where is that checked in the core? I couldn't find anything, but I might
have been looking in the wrong place.



> thanks,
> greg k-h

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