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SubjectRe: GNU/Linux Activation Technologies - You joke, but it's a reality now. GrSecurity is doing JUST THAT.
You joke, but GrSecurity is selling licenses for it's kernel patch for 
$10,000, and does per-seat licensing. It prevents redistribution of it's
derivative work via an "access agreement" where-in the licensee promises
not to redistribute the derivative work, or else suffer a forfeiture of
his remaining balance, as well as suffer a penalty of recieving no
furthur versions (which he allready paid for).

So: yes: it is allready happening.
It's not a joke anymore.

Yet you here see this as "insane talk" and "yea they can do that, let's
patch the /next version/ of the GPL to prevent it!"

No: they /cannot/ do that. Section 6 forbids additional restrictive
terms, they have added an addional restrictive term (licensee shall no
redistribute except to customers if required), and are enforcing said
restrictive term with a negative covenant.


And Page 10 on of this brief:
(which does discuss the copyright matter, even though the case is on

On 2019-11-09 20:27, Dmitry Alexandrov wrote:
> Alexandre François Garreau <> wrote:
>> Le samedi 9 novembre 2019, 14:25:58 CET Richard Stallman a écrit :
>>> You should install GNU/Linux Activation Technologies Client if you
>>> are running GNU/Linux.
>>> Most distributions are already selling licenses.
>> I guess this is a forged, illegitimate, mail as it was sent through
>> something dealing with PHP.
> Yes, of course. Though, would consider the fact that it originates
> from the Ukraine more suspicious, than usage of PHP mailer.
>> However might someone enlight me on what “GNU/Linux Activation
>> Technologies Client” is and how is it supposed to be installed? Is
>> it a trojan?
> No, itʼs a someoneʼs joke [0]. It was already advertised in a same
> manner on other m/l a week ago or so.
>> Is it free? x)
> | GNU Project and Linux Foundation set the following fees:
> |
> | - Single GNU/Linux copy license: $99
> | - Volume license (starting from 25 copies, only for
> organizations): $49 for every machine
> | - Key Server license: $999 and full license fee for every license
> sold
> |
> | Key Server licenses are only sold by GNU Project and Linux
> Foundation.
> [0]

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