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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 0/6] Add namespace awareness to Netlink methods

On 07/11/2019 22:11, David Ahern wrote:
> On 11/7/19 1:40 PM, Mahesh Bandewar (महेश बंडेवार) wrote:
>> On Thu, Nov 7, 2019 at 5:30 AM Jonas Bonn <> wrote:
>>> Changed in v3:
>>> - added patch 6 for setting IPv6 address outside current namespace
>>> - address checkpatch warnings
>>> - address comment from Nicolas
>>> Changed in v2:
>>> - address comment from Nicolas
>>> - add accumulated ACK's
>>> Currently, Netlink has partial support for acting outside of the current
>>> namespace. It appears that the intention was to extend this to all the
>>> methods eventually, but it hasn't been done to date.
>>> are extended to respect the selection of the namespace to work in.
>> This is nice, is there a plan to update userspace commands using this?
> I'm hoping for an iproute2 update and test cases to validate the changes.

I'm looking into it. The change to iproute2 to support
(namespace,index) pairs instead of just (index) to identify interfaces
looks to be invasive. The rest of it looks like trivial changes.

I've got all these kernel patches tested against my own "namespace aware
network manager" that I'm writing for a customer with a particular use
case. iproute2 wasn't actually in play here.


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