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SubjectRe: Slow I/O on USB media after commit f664a3cc17b7d0a2bc3b3ab96181e1029b0ec0e6
Il giorno mer, 06/11/2019 alle 22.13 +0000, Damien Le Moal ha scritto:
> Please simply try your write tests after doing this:
> echo mq-deadline > /sys/block/<name of your USB
> disk>/queue/scheduler
> And confirm that mq-deadline is selected with:
> cat /sys/block/<name of your USB disk>/queue/scheduler
> [mq-deadline] kyber bfq none

ok, which kernel should I test with this: the fresh git cloned, or the
one just patched with Alan's patch, or doesn't matter which one?

Thanks, and bye,

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