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SubjectRe: [patch 00/12] futex: Cure robust/PI futex exit races
* Florian Weimer:

> * Thomas Gleixner:
>> The series is also available from git:
>> git:// WIP.locking/futex
> I ran the glibc upstream test suite (which has some robust futex tests)
> against b21be7e942b49168ee15a75cbc49fbfdeb1e6a97 on x86-64, both native
> and 32-bit/i386 compat mode.
> compat mode seems broken, nptl/tst-thread-affinity-pthread fails. This
> is probably *not* due to
> <> because the failure
> is non-sporadic, but reliable fails for thread 253:
> info: Detected CPU set size (in bits): 225
> info: Maximum test CPU: 255
> error: pthread_create for thread 253 failed: Resource temporarily unavailable
> I'm running this on a large box as root, so ulimits etc. do not apply.
> I did not see this failure with the x86-64 test.
> You should be able to reproduce with (assuming you've got a multilib gcc):
> git clone git:// git
> mkdir build
> cd build
> ../git/configure --prefix=/usr CC="gcc -m32" CXX="g++ -m32" --build=i686-linux
> make -j`nproc`
> make test t=nptl/tst-thread-affinity-pthread

Sorry, I realized that I didn't actually verify that this is a
regression caused by your patches. Maybe I can do that tomorrow.


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