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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 2/3] Maintainer Handbook: Maintainer Entry Profile
Hi, Dan,

A month or so ago I wrote...

> > See Documentation/maintainer/maintainer-entry-profile.rst for more details,
> > and a follow-on example profile for the libnvdimm subsystem.
> Thus far, the maintainer guide is focused on how to *be* a maintainer.
> This document, instead, is more about how to deal with specific
> maintainers. So I suspect that Documentation/maintainer might be the
> wrong place for it.
> Should we maybe place it instead under Documentation/process, or even
> create a new top-level "book" for this information?

Unless I missed it, I've not heard back from you on this. I'd like to get
this stuff pulled in for 5.5 if possible... would you object if I were to
apply your patches, then tack on a move over to the process guide?



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