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SubjectRe: [PATCH] scripts:prune-kernel:remove old kernels and modules dir from system
On 14:30 Wed 06 Nov 2019, J. Bruce Fields wrote:
>On Wed, Nov 06, 2019 at 10:12:26AM +0530, Bhaskar Chowdhury wrote:
>> On 23:31 Tue 05 Nov 2019, J. Bruce Fields wrote:
>> >On Wed, Nov 06, 2019 at 11:53:28AM +0900, Masahiro Yamada wrote:
>> >>BTW.
>> >>Bruce,
>> >>Does the current script expect RHEL or something?
>> >>I do not see 'new-kernel-pkg' on my Ubuntu machine.
>> >
>> >I test on Fedora. Looks like on recent Fedora that's only provided by
>> >an rpm "grubby-deprecated", which is an inauspicious name....
>> >
>> >I think maybe you're supposed to use "grubby" itself now. Do you have
>> >that?
>> >
>> >>It would still work with 'new-kernel-pkg: command not found'
>> >>warning.
>> >>
>> >>We could bypass it if we like.
>> >>
>> >>command -v new-kernel-pkg && new-kernel-pkg --remove $f
>> >
>> >Looks like it's what updates the grub configuration, which is probably a
>> >nice thing to do if you can.
>> >
>> >--b.
>> Bruce,
>> Two things,
>> If the system doesn't run grub , how the fallback policy???
>> This binary "new-kernel-pkg" also missing in other systems too...I can
>> confirm that... i.e gentoo,slackware,
>> So , you are only targeting the rpm based system????
>It's just what I happen to use. If someone wants to make it work
>elsewhere that'd be great, as long as we don't break what already works.
>I think Debian uses grub2-mkconfig? Might be OK for Fedora too, I

Okay , thanks for the input. I was trying to write something in
generalize way , that is why my code spins off.And if you see the
subject line of my very first attempt to patch written was "removing
old kernels and modules dir in selective way"... that was it.

Now, there are plenty of distros around, not only rpm based one(yes I do
agree that ,you wrote it while using and testing on it, but that is
limited in nature),the broader user base might be using something else.

we simply can not restrict it to certain packaging version or several
packaging versions of selected distros. We are making and building this
(worth an effort) to make it as generalized as possible.

Importantly I was only thinking of people who put the stuff in standard
places in the FSH and use it. I might be wrong.

As I have said it before, I was no way trying to bypass your work ,but
it seems very limited in nature to adopted. So trying to widen the

I am trying to incorporating both the pole, different kind user base in
mind, like you , who don't like to be prompted for this operation and
assuming things should go well, and you are right.

On the other hand , I am kinda guy , sometime I need to know what is
going on, so the prompting.

Well, I have never taken into account about modifying the bootloader
config by looking at your work. Had I been, I would have done it already
and it would be extremely trivial in nature.

Now, Grub, no doubt it's fantastic piece of software, but complexity
is paramount with it. Don't you think so??? I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST

I have personally stops using it for years and using something very
rudimentary and simple and useful. That is because I know what I am
doing and my system well.

Caveat emptor: that was me, not every one else in the wild. Grub is used
by the most distro by default,everybody knows it,but certainly not the

I would love to give it a stab again and if you better people feel it is
necessary, but I need some concrete understanding from you,Masahiro and
Randy(who is helping me actively).

Say, You people might come up ,

We need these :


and we don't need these:


My two cents! kindly, flame me with your thoughts.

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