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SubjectRe: [PATCH next 0/3] debugfs: introduce debugfs_create_single/seq[,_data]
On Fri, Nov 29, 2019 at 05:27:49PM +0800, Kefeng Wang wrote:
> Like proc_create_single/seq[,_data] in procfs, we could provide similar debugfs
> helper to reduce losts of boilerplate code.
> debugfs_create_single[,_data]
> creates a file in debugfs with the extra data and a seq_file show callback.
> debugfs_create_seq[,_data]
> creates a file in debugfs with the extra data and a seq_operations.
> There is a object dynamically allocated in the helper, which is used to store
> extra data, we need free it when remove the debugfs file.
> If the change is acceptable, we could change the caller one by one.

I would like to see a user of this and how you would convert it, in
order to see if this is worth it or not.

When you redo this series, can you add that to the end of it?


greg k-h

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