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Subject[PATCH v6 04/49] soc: fsl: qe: introduce qe_io{read,write}* wrappers
The QUICC engine drivers use the powerpc-specific out_be32() etc. In
order to allow those drivers to build for other architectures, those
must be replaced by iowrite32be(). However, on powerpc, out_be32() is
a simple inline function while iowrite32be() is out-of-line. So in
order not to introduce a performance regression on powerpc when making
the drivers work on other architectures, introduce qe_io* helpers.

Also define the qe_{clr,set,clrset}bits* helpers in terms of these new

Reviewed-by: Timur Tabi <>
Signed-off-by: Rasmus Villemoes <>
include/soc/fsl/qe/qe.h | 34 +++++++++++++++++++++++++---------
1 file changed, 25 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

diff --git a/include/soc/fsl/qe/qe.h b/include/soc/fsl/qe/qe.h
index a1aa4eb28f0c..9cac04c692fd 100644
--- a/include/soc/fsl/qe/qe.h
+++ b/include/soc/fsl/qe/qe.h
@@ -241,21 +241,37 @@ static inline int qe_alive_during_sleep(void)
#define qe_muram_offset cpm_muram_offset
#define qe_muram_dma cpm_muram_dma

-#define qe_setbits_be32(_addr, _v) iowrite32be(ioread32be(_addr) | (_v), (_addr))
-#define qe_clrbits_be32(_addr, _v) iowrite32be(ioread32be(_addr) & ~(_v), (_addr))
+#ifdef CONFIG_PPC32
+#define qe_iowrite8(val, addr) out_8(addr, val)
+#define qe_iowrite16be(val, addr) out_be16(addr, val)
+#define qe_iowrite32be(val, addr) out_be32(addr, val)
+#define qe_ioread8(addr) in_8(addr)
+#define qe_ioread16be(addr) in_be16(addr)
+#define qe_ioread32be(addr) in_be32(addr)
+#define qe_iowrite8(val, addr) iowrite8(val, addr)
+#define qe_iowrite16be(val, addr) iowrite16be(val, addr)
+#define qe_iowrite32be(val, addr) iowrite32be(val, addr)
+#define qe_ioread8(addr) ioread8(addr)
+#define qe_ioread16be(addr) ioread16be(addr)
+#define qe_ioread32be(addr) ioread32be(addr)
+#define qe_setbits_be32(_addr, _v) qe_iowrite32be(qe_ioread32be(_addr) | (_v), (_addr))
+#define qe_clrbits_be32(_addr, _v) qe_iowrite32be(qe_ioread32be(_addr) & ~(_v), (_addr))

-#define qe_setbits_be16(_addr, _v) iowrite16be(ioread16be(_addr) | (_v), (_addr))
-#define qe_clrbits_be16(_addr, _v) iowrite16be(ioread16be(_addr) & ~(_v), (_addr))
+#define qe_setbits_be16(_addr, _v) qe_iowrite16be(qe_ioread16be(_addr) | (_v), (_addr))
+#define qe_clrbits_be16(_addr, _v) qe_iowrite16be(qe_ioread16be(_addr) & ~(_v), (_addr))

-#define qe_setbits_8(_addr, _v) iowrite8(ioread8(_addr) | (_v), (_addr))
-#define qe_clrbits_8(_addr, _v) iowrite8(ioread8(_addr) & ~(_v), (_addr))
+#define qe_setbits_8(_addr, _v) qe_iowrite8(qe_ioread8(_addr) | (_v), (_addr))
+#define qe_clrbits_8(_addr, _v) qe_iowrite8(qe_ioread8(_addr) & ~(_v), (_addr))

#define qe_clrsetbits_be32(addr, clear, set) \
- iowrite32be((ioread32be(addr) & ~(clear)) | (set), (addr))
+ qe_iowrite32be((qe_ioread32be(addr) & ~(clear)) | (set), (addr))
#define qe_clrsetbits_be16(addr, clear, set) \
- iowrite16be((ioread16be(addr) & ~(clear)) | (set), (addr))
+ qe_iowrite16be((qe_ioread16be(addr) & ~(clear)) | (set), (addr))
#define qe_clrsetbits_8(addr, clear, set) \
- iowrite8((ioread8(addr) & ~(clear)) | (set), (addr))
+ qe_iowrite8((qe_ioread8(addr) & ~(clear)) | (set), (addr))

/* Structure that defines QE firmware binary files.
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