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SubjectRe: [PATCH 01/30] drm: Introduce drm_bridge_init()
On Tuesday, 26 November 2019 19:24:45 GMT Sam Ravnborg wrote:
> Hi Mihail.

Hi Sam,

> > Ack, but with one caveat: bridge->dev is the struct drm_device that is
> > the bridge client, we need to add a bridge->device (patch 29 in this
> > series) which is the struct device that will manage the bridge lifetime.
> Other places uses the variable name "drm" for a drm_device.
> This is less confusion than the "dev" name.
> It seems a recent trend to use the variable name "drm" so you can find a
> lot of places using "dev".
> bike-shedding - but also about readability.
> Sam

I'm okay with the idea, I can do a follow-up patch or series for the
rename; I expect it would be a bit hefty to do it prior to this.

@Daniel, thoughts on s/ and
s/bridge.device/ after this series?


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