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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 04/13] exfat: add directory operations

> +int exfat_find_dir_entry(struct super_block *sb, struct exfat_inode_info *ei,
> + struct exfat_chain *p_dir, struct exfat_uni_name *p_uniname,
> + int num_entries, unsigned int type)
> +{

> + unsigned short entry_uniname[16], *uniname = NULL, unichar;

Would you like to reduce the scope for these variables according to an if branch
for the condition “entry_type == TYPE_EXTEND”?

> + struct buffer_head *bh = NULL;

* How do you think about to move the definition for this variable
to the beginning of the for loop?

* Can this pointer initialisation be omitted?


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