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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Documentation: riscv: add patch acceptance guidelines
On Sat, 23 Nov 2019, Dan Williams wrote:

> I'm open to updating the headers to make a section heading that
> matches what you're trying to convey, however that header definition
> should be globally agreed upon. I don't want the document that tries
> to clarify per-subsystem behaviours itself to have per-subsystem
> permutations. I think we, subsystem maintainers, at least need to be
> able to agree on the topics we disagree on.

Unless you're planning to, say, follow up with some kind of automated
process working across all of the profile documents in such a way that it
would make technical sense for the different sections to be standardized,
I personally don't see any need at all for profile document
standardization. As far as I can tell, these documents are meant for
humans, rather than computers, to read. And in the absence of a strong
technical rationale to limit how maintainers express themselves here, I
don't think it's justified.

- Paul

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