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SubjectRe: [PATCH 5/5] clk: sprd: add clocks support for SC9863A
Quoting Chunyan Zhang (2019-11-17 03:27:15)
> Not sure if I understand correctly - do you mean that switch to use a
> reference to clk_parent_data.hw in the driver instead?
> like:

Yes something like that.

> Since if I have to define many clk_parent_data.fw_name strings
> instead, it seems not able to reduce the code size, right?

Ideally there are some internal only clks that can be linked to their
parent with a single clk_hw pointer. That will hopefully keep the size
down somewhat. And if there are any external clks, they can be described
in DT and then only the .fw_name field can be used and the fallback
field .name can be left assigned to NULL.

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