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SubjectRe: [PATCH v10 6/6] x86/split_lock: Enable split lock detection by kernel parameter
On Thu, Nov 21, 2019 at 09:34:44AM -0800, Luck, Tony wrote:

> You'll notice that we are at version 10 ... lots of things have been tried
> in previous versions. This new version is to get the core functionality
> in, so we can build fancier features later.

The cover letter actually mentions that as a non-goal. Seems like a
conflicting message here.

> Enabling by default at this point would result in a flurry of complaints
> about applications being killed and kernels panicing. That would be
> followed by:

I thought we already found and fixed all the few kernel users that got
it wrong?

And applications? I've desktop'ed around a little with:

perf stat -e sq_misc.split_lock -a -I 1000

running and that shows exactly, a grant total of, _ZERO_ split lock
usage. Except when I run my explicit split lock proglet, then it goes
through the roof.

So I really don't buy that argument. Like I've been saying forever, sane
architectures have never allowed unaligned atomics in the first place,
this means that sane software won't have any.

Furthermore, split_lock has been a performance issue on x86 for a long
long time, which is another reason why x86-specific software will not
have them.

And if you really really worry, just do a mode that pr_warn()s about the
userspace instead of SIGBUS.

> #include <linus/all-caps-rant-about-backwards-compatability.h>
> and the patches being reverted.

I don't buy that either, it would _maybe_ mean flipping the default. But
that very much depends on how many users and what sort of 'quality'
software they're running.

I suspect we can get away with a no_split_lock_detect boot flag. We've
had various such kernel flags in the past for new/dodgy features and
we've lived through that just fine.

Witness: no5lvl, noapic, noclflush noefi, nofxsr, etc..

> This version can serve a very useful purpose. CI systems with h/w that
> supports split lock can enable it and begin the process of finding
> and fixing the remaining kernel issues. Especially helpful if they run
> randconfig and fuzzers.

A non-lethal default enabled variant would be even better for them :-)

> We'd also find out which libraries and applications currently use
> split locks.

On my debian desktop, absolutely nothing I've used in the past hour or
so. That includes both major browsers and some A/V stuff, as well as
building a kernel and writing emails.

> Any developer with concerns about their BIOS using split locks can also
> enable using this patch and begin testing today.

I don't worry about developers much; they can't fix their BIOS other
than to return the box and try and get their money back :/

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