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SubjectRe: [Y2038] [PATCH 12/16] hostfs: pass 64-bit timestamps to/from user space
On Fri, 2019-11-08 at 22:32 +0100, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> The use of 'struct timespec' is deprecated in the kernel, so we
> want to avoid the conversions from/to the proper timespec64
> structure.
> On the user space side, we have a 'struct timespec' that is defined
> by the C library and that will be incompatible with the kernel's
> view on 32-bit architectures once they move to a 64-bit time_t,
> breaking the shared binary layout of hostfs_iattr and hostfs_stat.
> This changes the two structures to use a new hostfs_timespec structure
> with fixed 64-bit seconds/nanoseconds for passing the timestamps
> between hostfs_kern.c and hostfs_user.c. With a new enough user
> space side, this will allow timestamps beyond year 2038.

The "user-space" side has a structure assignment in set_attr():

if (attrs->ia_valid & (HOSTFS_ATTR_ATIME | HOSTFS_ATTR_MTIME)) {
err = stat_file(file, &st, fd);
attrs->ia_atime = st.atime;
attrs->ia_mtime = st.mtime;
if (err != 0)
return err;

which will also need to be updated for this type change.


Ben Hutchings, Software Developer Codethink Ltd Dale House, 35 Dale Street
Manchester, M1 2HF, United Kingdom

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