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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/23] y2038 cleanups
On Fri, Nov 8, 2019 at 10:04 PM Arnd Bergmann <> wrote:
> This is a series of cleanups for the y2038 work, mostly intended
> for namespace cleaning: the kernel defines the traditional
> time_t, timeval and timespec types that often lead to y2038-unsafe
> code. Even though the unsafe usage is mostly gone from the kernel,
> having the types and associated functions around means that we
> can still grow new users, and that we may be missing conversions
> to safe types that actually matter.
> As there is no rush on any of these patches, I would either
> queue them up in linux-next through my y2038 branch, or
> Thomas could add them to the tip tree if he wants.
> As mentioned in another series, this is part of a larger
> effort to fix all the remaining bits and pieces that are
> not completed yet from the y2038 conversion, and the full
> set can be found at:
> Maintainers, please review and provide Acks.
> Let me know if you have any opinion on whether we should do
> the include last two patches of this series or not.
> Arnd
> Arnd Bergmann (23):
> y2038: remove CONFIG_64BIT_TIME
> y2038: add __kernel_old_timespec and __kernel_old_time_t
> y2038: vdso: change timeval to __kernel_old_timeval
> y2038: vdso: change timespec to __kernel_old_timespec
> y2038: vdso: change time_t to __kernel_old_time_t
> y2038: vdso: nds32: open-code timespec_add_ns()
> y2038: vdso: powerpc: avoid timespec references
> y2038: ipc: remove __kernel_time_t reference from headers
> y2038: stat: avoid 'time_t' in 'struct stat'
> y2038: uapi: change __kernel_time_t to __kernel_old_time_t
> y2038: rusage: use __kernel_old_timeval
> y2038: syscalls: change remaining timeval to __kernel_old_timeval
> y2038: socket: remove timespec reference in timestamping
> y2038: make ns_to_compat_timeval use __kernel_old_timeval
> y2038: elfcore: Use __kernel_old_timeval for process times
> y2038: timerfd: Use timespec64 internally
> y2038: time: avoid timespec usage in settimeofday()
> y2038: itimer: compat handling to itimer.c
> y2038: use compat_{get,set}_itimer on alpha
> y2038: move itimer reset into itimer.c
> y2038: itimer: change implementation to timespec64
> [RFC] y2038: itimer: use ktime_t internally
> y2038: allow disabling time32 system calls

I've dropped the "[RFC] y2038: itimer: use ktime_t internally" patch
for the moment,
and added two other patches from other series:

y2038: remove CONFIG_64BIT_TIME
y2038: socket: use __kernel_old_timespec instead of timespec

Tentatively pushed out the patches with the Acks I have received so
far to my y2038 branch on so it gets included in linux-next.

If I hear no complaints, I'll send a pull request for the merge window,
along with the compat-ioctl series I have already queued up in the same


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