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SubjectRe: [tcp] f859a44847: stderr.fastopen-client.pkt:#:runtime_error_in_sendto_call:Expected_result#but_got-#with_errno#(Operation_now_in_progress)
On Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 10:04 PM kernel test robot
<> wrote:
> FYI, we noticed the following commit (built with gcc-7):
> commit: f859a448470304135f7a1af0083b99e188873bb4 ("tcp: allow zerocopy with fastopen")
> master
> in testcase: packetdrill
> with following parameters:
> on test machine: qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm -cpu SandyBridge -smp 2 -m 8G
> caused below changes (please refer to attached dmesg/kmsg for entire log/backtrace):

The report shows the complete output of a complete packetdrill run.
From that it is not immediately obvious which packetdrill test output

The subject line calls out tcp/zerocopy/fastopen-client.pkt. The
result of that test are expected to change with this commit
f859a4484703 ("tcp: allow zerocopy with fastopen"), because this test
was added exactly to verify the feature introduced with that commit.

The report shows this specific test passing for ipv4 and
ipv4-mapped-v6. I cannot explain why that run failed for ipv6. On my
runs all three pass at this commit:

$ git clone
$ cd packetdrill/gtests/net
$ (cd packetdrill; make)
$ ./packetdrill/ tcp/zerocopy
Ran 33 tests: 33 passing, 0 failing, 0 timed out (7.28
sec): tcp/zerocopy

and fail on the previous commit, along with all three versions of
fastopen-server.pkt and closed.pkt:

$ ./packetdrill/ tcp/zerocopy
Ran 33 tests: 24 passing, 9 failing, 0 timed out (7.22
sec): tcp/zerocopy

All this is expected, so there is nothing to fix for this report.

This was on a kernel built with `make defconfig; make kvmconfig` and
additionally CONFIG_TUN=y. Though those details should be immaterial

Great that the test robot is running packetdrill tests, btw! Good to
know we upstreamed them for a reason.

But how did it end up testing such an old kernel? This commit was added in 5.1.

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