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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3] scsi: avoid potential deadloop in iscsi_if_rx func
On 11/12/19 5:37 PM, Martin K. Petersen wrote:
>> In iscsi_if_rx func, after receiving one request through
>> iscsi_if_recv_msg func, iscsi_if_send_reply will be called to try to
>> reply the request in do-loop. If the return of iscsi_if_send_reply
>> func return -EAGAIN all the time, one deadloop will occur.
>> For example, a client only send msg without calling recvmsg func,
>> then it will result in the watchdog soft lockup.
>> The details are given as follows,
> Lee/Chris/Ulrich: Please review!

Okay, after looking again at the thread, I do have some additional
feedback for the patch submitter.

You should put your "changes in V2, V3, ..." above the patch line (the
"-- " on a line by itself), not as part of the patch.

Also, as long as you are making one last round of changes, please change
"deadloop" to "deadlock" in your patch subject, as deadloop is not a word.

Lastly, the "Suggested-by" lines you added are fine, but that generally
means that person suggested the patch, not changes. For folks that
suggest changes, it's up to them to say they like or do not like your
changes after you make them, at which point they can add their
"Reviewed-by" tag if they wish.

Please feel free to send your patch to me directly, before publishing,
if you would like a review before publishing again.

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