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Subjectgeneric DMA bypass flag
Hi all,

I've recently beeing chatting with Lu about using dma-iommu and
per-device DMA ops in the intel IOMMU driver, and one missing feature
in dma-iommu is a bypass mode where the direct mapping is used even
when an iommu is attached to improve performance. The powerpc
code already has a similar mode, so I'd like to move it to the core
DMA mapping code. As part of that I noticed that the current
powerpc code has a little bug in that it used the wrong check in the
dma_sync_* routines to see if the direct mapping code is used.

These two patches just add the generic code and move powerpc over,
the intel IOMMU bits will require a separate discussion.

The x86 AMD Gart code also has a bypass mode, but it is a lot
strange, so I'm not going to touch it for now.

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