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SubjectRe: [PATCH] PCI: pciehp: Make sure pciehp_isr clears interrupt events
On Wed, Nov 13, 2019 at 03:58:51PM -0600, Stuart Hayes wrote:
> The hotplug port I'm seeing the issue with is an AMD "Starship/Matisse GPP
> Bridge" (1022/1483), which uses an MSI interrupt (PCI-MSI chip).
> And because individual event enable bits in the slot control register aren't
> cleared on each interrupt, I interpret this to mean that an interrupt message
> will be sent every time that the event status bits in the slot status register
> transition from all zeros to at least one event status bit being 1. Once one
> of those event status bits is 1, the logical AND of the three conditions above
> will not transition from FALSE to TRUE again until all of the (enabled) event
> status bits in the slot status register all go to zero, which is what my patch
> is intended to ensure.

Understood now, thanks.

I'd suggest adding a flag "unsigned int pvm_capable;" to struct controller
below "u32 slot_cap" (in the "capabilities and quirks" section),
setting that flag in pcie_init() from dev->msi_cap + PCI_MSI_FLAGS
(& PCI_MSI_FLAGS_MASKBIT) and amending pciehp_isr() to check for that
flag and re-read / re-write the Slot Status register until it's all zeroes.
That would make the reason for the modifications to pciehp_isr() explicit.
Please try to make the modifications to pciehp_isr() as small and simple
as possible. Maybe it's worthwhile to put them in a separate static
function which is called from pciehp_isr(), I don't know.

Please mention the PCI vendor / device IDs in the commit message
and provide a reference to the PCIe Base Spec section you've quoted



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