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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/16] Memory Hierarchy: Enable target node lookups for reserved memory
On Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 3:43 AM Aneesh Kumar K.V
<> wrote:
> Dan Williams <> writes:
> > Yes, this patch series looks like a pile of boring libnvdimm cleanups,
> > but buried at the end are some small gems that testing with libnvdimm
> > uncovered. These gems will prove more valuable over time for Memory
> > Hierarchy management as more platforms, via the ACPI HMAT and EFI
> > Specific Purpose Memory, publish reserved or "soft-reserved" ranges to
> > Linux. Linux system administrators will expect to be able to interact
> > with those ranges with a unique numa node number when/if that memory is
> > onlined via the dax_kmem driver [1].
> >
> > One configuration that currently fails to properly convey the target
> > node for the resulting memory hotplug operation is persistent memory
> > defined by the memmap=nn!ss parameter. For example, today if node1 is a
> > memory only node, and all the memory from node1 is specified to
> > memmap=nn!ss and subsequently onlined, it will end up being onlined as
> > node0 memory. As it stands, memory_add_physaddr_to_nid() can only
> > identify online nodes and since node1 in this example has no online cpus
> > / memory the target node is initialized node0.
> >
> > The fix is to preserve rather than discard the numa_meminfo entries that
> > are relevant for reserved memory ranges, and to uplevel the node
> > distance helper for determining the "local" (closest) node relative to
> > an initiator node.
> >
> > The first 12 patches are cleanups to make sure that all nvdimm devices
> > and their children properly export a numa_node attribute. The switch to
> > a device-type is less code and less error prone as a result.
> Will this still allow leaf driver to have platform specific attribute
> exposed via sysfs? Or do we want to still keep them in nvdimm core and
> control the visibility via is_visible() callback?

The leaf driver can still have platform specific attributes, see:


...that still exist after this conversion. This conversion simply
arranges for those to passed in without making the leaf driver also be
responsible for specifying the core attributes.

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