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SubjectRe: [PATCH] nvme-pci: Shutdown when removing dead controller
On Mon, Oct 07, 2019 at 11:13:12AM -0400, Tyler Ramer wrote:
> > Setting the shutdown to true is
> > usually just to get the queues flushed, but the nvme_kill_queues() that
> > we call accomplishes the same thing.
> The intention of this patch was to clean up another location where
> nvme_dev_disable()
> is called with shutdown == false, but the device is being removed due
> to a failure
> condition, so it should be shutdown.
> Perhaps though, given nvme_kill_queues() provides a subset of the
> functionality of
> nvme_dev_disable() with shutdown == true, we can just use
> nvme_dev_disable() and
> remove nvme_kill_queues()?
> This will make nvme_remove_dead_ctrl() more in line with nvme_remove(),
> nvme_shutdown(), etc.

It's fine to use the shutdown == true in this path as well, but I just wanted
to understand what problem it was fixing. It doesn't sound like your scenario
is going to end up setting CC.SHN, so the only thing the shutdown should
accomplish is flushing pending IO, but we already call kill_queues() right
after the nvme_dev_disable(), so that part should be okay.

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