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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/2] PCI: Add missing link delays
Am 04.10.19 um 15:06 schrieb Mika Westerberg:
> On Fri, Oct 04, 2019 at 02:57:21PM +0200, Matthias Andree wrote:
>> Am 04.10.19 um 14:39 schrieb Mika Westerberg:
>>> @Matthias, @Paul and @Nicholas, I appreciate if you could check that this
>>> does not cause any issues for your systems.
>> Just to be sure: is this intended to be applied against the 5.4-rc*
>> master branch?
> Yes, it applies on top of v5.4-rc1.

I am sorry to say that I cannot currently test - my computer has a
GeForce 1060-6GB an no onboard/on-chip graphics.
The nvidia module 435.21 does not compile against 5.4-rc* for me (5.3.1
was fine).

For some reasons I don't understand, it first complains about missing or
empty  Module.symvers, (which I do have and which has 12967 lines)
and if I bypass that check, it complains about undeclared DRIVER_PRIME
"here (outside a function)" - sorry for the German locale:

Fehler: »DRIVER_PRIME« ist hier (außerhalb einer Funktion) nicht
deklariert; meinten Sie »DRIVER_PCI_DMA«?
  662 |     .driver_features        = DRIVER_GEM | DRIVER_PRIME |
      |                                            ^~~~~~~~~~~~
      |                                            DRIVER_PCI_DMA

I need NOT try this hardware without nvidia proprietary driver, nouveau
has always been underfeatured and I never got suspend/resume working
with it, so I don't bother else it would skew the findings.

(Someone let me know if switching to AMD 5x00 (XT) is worthwhile or
premature. Vega and earlier consume way too much power to bother. I'm
not buying a new PSU.)

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