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SubjectVIDIOC_SUBDEV_ENUM_FRAME_INTERVAL: continuous frame interval
Hi all,

We are developing a v4l2 subdevice driver to be able to support the imx378
sensor and upstream it. But we would like to have a continuous frame
interval and the
current VIDIOC_SUBDEV_ENUM_FRAME_INTERVAL ioctl implementation doesn't
support it.

How can we proceed here? Can we maybe add the limits by using the reserved area
of v4l2_subdev_frame_interval_enum struct? Something similar to
v4l2_subdev_frame_size_enum is doing with continuous frame size.

I guess it would also need to adapt v4l2-ctl, v4l2-compliance and so on but not
really sure about the whole impact in linuxtv/linux-media of this need.

Thanks in advance,

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