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SubjectRe: Re: printk meeting at LPC
On 9/13/19 8:26 AM, John Ogness wrote:
> 9. Support for printk dictionaries will be discontinued. I will look
> into who is using this and why. If printk dictionaries are important for
> you, speak up now!

I think this functionality is important.

I've been experimenting with a change which adds dictionary data to
storage related printk messages so that a persistent durable id is
associated with them for filtering, eg.

$ journalctl -r _KERNEL_DURABLE_NAME=naa.0000000000bc614e

This has the advantage that when the device attachment changes across
reboots or detach/reattach cycles you can easily find its messages
throughout it's recorded history.

Other reasons were outlined when introduced, ref.

I believe this functionality hasn't been leveraged to its full potential


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