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Subjectpacket writing support

If I'm correct, packet writing support is going to be removed from the
Linux kernel. Is there any particular reason for
this, as far as you people know? Both DVD-writers and Blueray-writers are
still being sold to date.

I'm currently working on quite a large project. I would be dependent
solely on USB to store my backup files, when the packet writing support
is removed. Actually I'm quite uncomfortable with that idea, because
USB is rewritable. Any serious attempt to do damage to my project will
result a permanent loss of code. Personally I would do anything to keep
packet writing support in the kernel.

I'd hoped you could remove normal floppy disc support instead. That
seems the more logical course of action. Floppy disc drives aren't
being sold anymore for quite some years now.

Anybody there?

Have a pleasant day,
Mischa Baars.

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