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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/7] module: avoid code duplication in include/linux/export.h
On 31/10/2019 11.13, Jessica Yu wrote:
> +++ Rasmus Villemoes [29/10/19 22:11 +0100]:
>> On 29/10/2019 20.19, Jessica Yu wrote:

>>> Apparently ld does not do the deduplication for SHF_MERGE|SHF_STRINGS
>>> sections for relocatable files (ld -r), which kernel modules are. See:
>> I know <> :)
> That is exactly what we need! :)
>>> But, the strings do get deduplicated for vmlinux. Not sure if we can
>>> find a workaround for modules or if the benefit is significant enough
>>> if it only for vmlinux.
>> I think it's definitely worth if, even if it "only" benefits vmlinux for
>> now. And I still hope to revisit the --force-section-merge some day, but
>> it's very far down my priority list.
> Yeah, I think it's worth having too.
> If you don't have any extra cycles at the moment, and it's far down
> your priority list, do you mind if I take a look and maybe try to push
> that patch of yours upstream again?

Knock yourself out :) IIRC, it did actually work for the powerpc I was
targeting, but I don't remember if that was just "readelf/objdump
inspection of the ELF files looks reasonable" or if I actually tried
loading the modules. I've pushed the patch to
so you don't have to copy-paste from a browser.

I don't know how successful I'd
> be, but now since it's especially relevant for namespaces, it's
> definitely worth looking at again.

Yeah, but even ignoring namespaces, it would be nice to have format
strings etc. deduplicated. Please keep me cc'ed on any progress you make.


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