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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/14] Add support for FM radio in hcill and kill TI_ST
Hi Adam,

On Wed, Oct 02, 2019 at 02:03:52PM -0500, Adam Ford wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 19, 2019 at 8:33 AM Sebastian Reichel <> wrote:
> After a bunch of testing, I think the issue I was having was the BTS
> file being pulled in from linux-firmware. I was able to successfully
> load a BTS file that I have from Logic PD with working BLE and BT
> working together. I have to run some tests, but if you wouldn't mind
> re-basing your code and pushing it again for review, I can most likely
> add my 'tested-by'.
> I am not sure who to discuss my perceived bug in the BTS blob. I have
> to go find the old BTS editor and see if I can determine the cause,
> but the fact that I can use the BTS file that corresponds to the FCC
> certified file that Logic PD used is more important to me than using
> the generic BTS file provided by TI, however it would be nice for the
> reference BTS file to operate without error.

nice :) I just send a rebased partial series. I need some more time
for the FM radio part (I plan to work on that within the next 3

-- Sebastian
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