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SubjectRe: [PATCH -next 00/11] lib/interval-tree: move to half closed intervals
On Thu, 03 Oct 2019, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:

>On Thu, Oct 03, 2019 at 01:18:47PM -0700, Davidlohr Bueso wrote:
>> Hi,
>> It has been discussed[1,2] that almost all users of interval trees would better
>> be served if the intervals were actually not [a,b], but instead [a, b). This
>> series attempts to convert all callers by way of transitioning from using
>> "interval_tree_generic.h" to "interval_tree_gen.h". Once all users are converted,
>> we remove the former.
>> Patch 1: adds a call that will make patch 8 easier to review by introducing stab
>> queries for the vma interval tree.
>> Patch 2: adds the new interval_tree_gen.h which is the same as the old one but
>> uses [a,b) intervals.
>> Patch 3-9: converts, in baby steps (as much as possible), each interval tree to
>> the new [a,b) one. It is done this way also to maintain bisectability.
>> Most conversions are pretty straightforward, however, there are some
>> creative ways in which some callers use the interval 'end' when going
>> through intersecting ranges within a tree. Ie: patch 3, 6 and 9.
>> Patch 10: deletes the interval_tree_generic.h header; there are no longer any users.
>> Patch 11: finally simplifies x86 pat tree to use the new interval tree machinery.
>> This has been lightly tested, and certainly not on driver paths that do non
>> trivial conversions. Also needs more eyeballs as conversions can be easily
>> missed (even when I've tried mitigating this by renaming the endpoint from 'last'
>> to 'end' in each corresponding structure).
>> Because this touches a lot of drivers, I'm Cc'ing the whole thing to a couple of
>> relevant lists (mm, dri, rdma); sorry if you consider this spam.
>> Applies on top of today's linux-next tree. Please consider for v5.5.
>> Thanks!
>> [1]
>Hurm, this is not entirely accurate. Most users do actually want
>overlapping and multiple ranges. I just studied this extensively:
>radeon_mn actually wants overlapping but seems to mis-understand the
>interval_tree API and actively tries hard to prevent overlapping at
>great cost and complexity. I have a patch to delete all of this and
>just be overlapping.
>amdgpu_mn copied the wrongness from radeon_mn
>All the DRM drivers are basically the same here, tracking userspace
>controlled VAs, so overlapping is essential
>hfi1/mmu_rb definitely needs overlapping as it is dealing with
>userspace VA ranges under control of userspace. As do the other
>infiniband users.
>vhost probably doesn't overlap in the normal case, but again userspace
>could trigger overlap in some pathalogical case.
>The [start,last] allows the interval to cover up to ULONG_MAX. I don't
>know if this is needed however. Many users are using userspace VAs
>here. Is there any kernel configuration where ULONG_MAX is a valid
>userspace pointer? Ie 32 bit 4G userspace? I don't know.
>Many users seemed to have bugs where they were taking a userspace
>controlled start + length and converting them into a start/end for
>interval tree without overflow protection (woops)
>Also I have a series already cooking to delete several of these
>interval tree users, which will terribly conflict with this :\

I have no problem redoing after your changes; if it's worth it
at all.

>Is it really necessary to make such churn for such a tiny API change?

I agree, and was kind of expecting this. In general the diffstat ended
up being larger than I initially hoped for. Maybe after your removals
I can look into this again.


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