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SubjectRE: [RFC PATCH 00/13] vsock: add multi-transports support
> From: Stefano Garzarella <>
> Sent: Friday, September 27, 2019 4:27 AM
> ...
> Patch 9 changes the hvs_remote_addr_init(). setting the
> VMADDR_CID_HOST as remote CID instead of VMADDR_CID_ANY to make
> the choice of transport to be used work properly.
> @Dexuan Could this change break anything?

This patch looks good to me.

> @Dexuan please can you test on HyperV that I didn't break anything
> even without nested VMs?

I did some quick tests with the 13 patches in a Linux VM (this is not
a nested VM) on Hyper-V and it looks nothing is broken. :-)

> I'll try to setup a Windows host where to test the nested VMs

I suppose you're going to run a Linux VM on a Hyper-V host,
and the Linux VM itself runs KVM/VmWare so it can create its own child
VMs. IMO this is similar to the test "nested KVM ( ..., virtio-transport[L1,L2]"
you have done.

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