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SubjectRe: [PATCH v7 00/25] arm64: MMU enabled kexec relocation
> > + /* Map relocation function va == pa */
> > + rc = trans_pgd_map_page(&info, trans_ttbr0, __va(kern_reloc),
> > + kern_reloc, PAGE_KERNEL_EXEC);
> > + if (rc)
> > + return rc;
> James wrote:
> You can't do this with the page table helpers. We support platforms
> with no memory in range of TTBR0's VA space. See dd006da21646f
> You will need some idmapped memory to turn the MMU off on a system
> that booted at EL1. This will need to be in a set of page tables
> that the helpers can't easily touch - so it should only be a single
> page. (like the arch code's existing idmap - although that may
> have been overwritten).
> (I have a machine where this is a problem, if I get the time I will
> have a stab at making hibernate's safe page idmaped).
> ---
> As I understand, there are platforms where TTBR0 cannot include all
> physical memory for idmap. However, kexec must have at least one page
> idmapped (kimage->control_code_page) to be able to relocate kernel
> while MMU is enabled:
> I am still trying to fully understand the problem:
> CONFIG_ARM64_VA_BITS must be smaller than 48 and physical memory must
> start at a high address for this problem to occur.
> Why can't we simply decrease T0SZ to cover all physical memory?

Is there a way to reproduce this platform with qemu?


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