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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC v3 6/9] mm: Allow to offline PageOffline() pages with a reference count of 0
On 16.10.19 13:43, Michal Hocko wrote:
> On Thu 19-09-19 16:22:25, David Hildenbrand wrote:
>> virtio-mem wants to allow to offline memory blocks of which some parts
>> were unplugged, especially, to later offline and remove completely
>> unplugged memory blocks. The important part is that PageOffline() has
>> to remain set until the section is offline, so these pages will never
>> get accessed (e.g., when dumping). The pages should not be handed
>> back to the buddy (which would require clearing PageOffline() and
>> result in issues if offlining fails and the pages are suddenly in the
>> buddy).
>> Let's use "PageOffline() + reference count = 0" as a sign to
>> memory offlining code that these pages can simply be skipped when
>> offlining, similar to free or HWPoison pages.
>> Pass flags to test_pages_isolated(), similar as already done for
>> has_unmovable_pages(). Use a new flag to indicate the
>> requirement of memory offlining to skip over these special pages.
>> In has_unmovable_pages(), make sure the pages won't be detected as
>> movable. This is not strictly necessary, however makes e.g.,
>> alloc_contig_range() stop early, trying to isolate such page blocks -
>> compared to failing later when testing if all pages were isolated.
>> Also, make sure that when a reference to a PageOffline() page is
>> dropped, that the page will not be returned to the buddy.
>> memory devices (like virtio-mem) that want to make use of this
>> functionality have to make sure to synchronize against memory offlining,
>> using the memory hotplug notifier.
>> Alternative: Allow to offline with a reference count of 1
>> and use some other sign in the struct page that offlining is permitted.
> Few questions. I do not see onlining code to take care of this special
> case. What should happen when offline && online?
> Should we allow to try_remove_memory to succeed with these pages?
> Do we really have hook into __put_page? Why do we even care about the
> reference count of those pages?

Oh, I forgot to answer this questions. The __put_page() change is
necessary for the following race I identified:

Page has a refcount of 1 (e.g., allocated by virtio-mem using

a) kernel: get_page_unless_zero(page): refcount = 2
b) virtio-mem: set page PG_offline, reduce refcount): refocunt = 1
c) kernel: put_page(page): refcount = 0

The page would suddenly be given to the buddy. which is bad.



David / dhildenb

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