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Subject[RFT][PATCH 0/3] cpufreq / PM: QoS: Introduce frequency QoS and use it in cpufreq
Hi All,

The motivation for this series is to address the problem discussed here:

and also reported here:

Plus, generally speaking, using the policy CPU as a proxy for the policy
with respect to PM QoS does not feel particularly straightforward to me
and adds extra complexity.

Anyway, the first patch adds frequency QoS that is based on "raw" PM QoS (kind
of in analogy with device PM QoS) and is just about min and max frequency
requests (no direct relationship to devices).

The second patch switches over cpufreq and its users to the new frequency QoS.
[The Fixes: tag has been tentatively added to it.]

The third one removes frequency request types from device PM QoS.

Unfortunately, the patches are rather big, but also they are quite

I didn't have the time to test this series, so giving it a go would be much


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