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SubjectRe: [PATCH] KVM: X86: Make fpu allocation a common function
On 16/10/19 03:52, Xiaoyao Li wrote:
>> user_fpu could be made percpu too...  That would save a bit of memory
>> for each vCPU.  I'm holding on Xiaoyao's patch because a lot of the code
>> he's touching would go away then.
> Sorry, I don't get clear your attitude.
> Do you mean the generic common function is not so better that I'd better
> to implement the percpu solution?

I wanted some time to give further thought to the percpu user_fpu idea.
But kvm_load_guest_fpu and kvm_put_guest_fpu are not part of vcpu_load,
so it would not be so easy. I'll just apply your patch now.


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