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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 00/16] mm: Page fault enhancements
On Thu, Sep 26, 2019 at 05:38:48PM +0800, Peter Xu wrote:
> This is v5 of the series. As Matthew suggested, I split the previous
> patch "mm: Return faster for non-fatal signals in user mode faults"
> into a few smaller ones:
> 1. One patch to introduce fatal_signal_pending(), and use it in
> archs that can directly apply
> 2. A few more patches to let the rest archs to use the new helper.
> With that we can have an unified entry for signal detection
> 3. One last patch to change fatal_signal_pending() to detect
> userspace non-fatal signal
> Nothing should have changed in the rest patches. Because the fault
> retry patches will depend on the previous ones, I decided to simply
> repost all the patches.
> Here's the new patchset layout:
> Patch 1-2: cleanup, and potential bugfix of hugetlbfs on fault retry
> Patch 3-9: let page fault to respond to non-fatal signals faster
> Patch 10: remove the userfaultfd NOPAGE emulation
> Patch 11-14: allow page fault to retry more than once
> Patch 15-16: let gup code to use FAULT_FLAG_KILLABLE too
> I would really appreciate any review comments for the series,
> especially for the first two patches which IMHO are even not related
> to this patchset and they should either cleanup or fix things.


IMHO this series should fix some real issues, e.g., the whole series
targets to fix things like [1] or as patch 2 might fix potential
bugs. I'd appreciate if it can get some more review comments.

I didn't repost because the last patch only need a one-line change so
I assume it does not affect the most rest of reviews. I can repost if
anyone would like me to.



Peter Xu

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