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Subject[PATCH 0/2] oom, memcg: do not report racy no-eligible OOM
I have posted this as an RFC previously [1]. Tetsuo has pointed out some
issues with the patch 1 which I have fixed hopefully. Other than that
this is just a rebase on top of Linus tree.

The original cover:
this is a follow up for [2] which has been nacked mostly because Tetsuo
was able to find a simple workload which can trigger a race where
no-eligible task is reported without a good reason. I believe the patch2
addresses that issue and we do not have to play dirty games with
throttling just because of the race. I still believe that patch proposed
in [2] is a useful one but this can be addressed later.

This series comprises 2 patch. The first one is something I meant to do
loooong time ago, I just never have time to do that. We need it here to
handle CLONE_VM without CLONE_SIGHAND cases. The second patch closes the

Feedback is appreciated of course.


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