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SubjectRe: [PATCH v1 0/19] drm/panel: drmP.h removal and DRM_DEV*
Hi Sean.

> Hey Sam,
> Thanks for the patchset, this will make dmesg grepping easier! One comment, and
> you're going to hate me for it: Why use DRM_DEV* instead of DRM_*?
> When I introduced DRM_DEV, it was to cover the case where there are multiple
> instances of the same driver (ie: dual-channel mipi, multiple crtcs, etc). I
> suppose that _could_ happen in the panel space, but it seems more unlikely than
> not.

The rationale for using DRM_DEV* are solely that if a struct device * is avalible,
then we can use this to provide more information about the origin of the logging.

I have not testet it - but from browsing the code I could not see that
DRM_ERROR and friends picked up the module name.
If DRM_ERROR is the right choice I will redo the patches - no problem.

But if we loose the module name then the DRM_DEV* variants are preferable IMO.

Note: I missed DRM_DEV_WARN(), so I left one dev_warn() in the code.


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