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SubjectRe: [RFC/PATCH 0/5] DVFS in the OPP core
On Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 10:23 AM Viresh Kumar <> wrote:
> Adding few folks to the thread who might be interested in this stuff.
> On 28-01-19, 17:55, Stephen Boyd wrote:
> > This patch series is an RFC around how we can implement DVFS for devices
> > that aren't your typical OPPish device (i.e. GPU/CPU). They don't have a
> > strict set of frequencies that they have been tested at to derive some
> > operating performance point. Instead they have a coarser set of
> > frequency max or 'fmax' OPPs that describe the maiximum frequency the
> > device can operate at with a given voltage.
> >
> > The approach we take is to let the devm_pm_opp_set_rate() API accept 0
> > as a valid frequency indicating the frequency isn't required anymore and
> > to make the same API use the clk framework to round the frequency passed
> > in instead of relying on the OPP table to specify each frequency that
> > can be used. Once we have these two patches in place, we can use the OPP
> > API to change clk rates instead of clk_set_rate() and use all the recent
> > OPP enhancements that have been made around required-opps and genpd
> > performance states to do DVFS for all devices.
> Generally speaking I am fine with such an approach but I am not sure
> about what others would say on this as they had objections to using
> OPP core for setting the rate itself.
> FWIW, I suggested exactly this solution sometime back [1]
> - Drivers need to use two API sets to change clock rate (OPP helpers)
> and enable/disable them (CLK framework helpers) and this leads us to
> exactly that combination. Is that acceptable ? It doesn't look great
> to me as well..

I agree here.

> - Do we expect the callers will disable clk before calling
> opp-set-rate with 0 ? We should remove the regulator requirements as
> well along with perf-state.

Well, disabling clk affects HW in general, doesn't it?

> - What about enabling/disabling clock as well from OPP framework. We
> can enable it on the very first call to opp-set-rate and disable
> when freq is 0. That will simplify the drivers as well.

That sounds compelling, but I guess there are cases in which you can
gate the clock regardless of the frequency setting. How would that
work then?

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