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SubjectRe: Getting weird TPM error after rebasing my tree to security/next-general
On Thu Jan 31 19, Linus Torvalds wrote:
>On Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 12:47 PM Jarkko Sakkinen
><> wrote:
>> I'll try it first thing when I wake up tomorrow (11PM in Finland ATM).
>> Appreciate for taking time on this.
>Hey, it was my commit that broke it for you. Even if it happened to
>work before, and only did so by pure luck, it was a functional
>I get very upset when other developers don't step up when *their*
>changes break something, and I don't consider "it shouldn't have
>worked in the first place" to be a valid excuse. You broke it, you'd
>better fix it.
>So I had better fix my own mess too, in order to not look too hypocritical.
>And I was very aware that hardcoding the memcpy_*io() access patterns
>might break something. I just _hoped_ it wouldn't, because we actually
>ended up going back to the very original access patterns (but it was
>from a long long time ago).
>In fact, while it's slightly annoying, in many ways it's actually good
>that we found breakage, and could pinpoint exactly *why* it broke.
>That does validate the whole "we shouldn't just depend on the random
>implementation detail of 'memcpy()'" argument.
>So I'll wait to hear back whether that patch fixes things for you, but
>I _think_ it will, and we'll be better off in the long range with this
>whole thing.
> Linus

I just did a quick test here of booting and running a couple commands
(tpm2_getcap, tpm2_pcrlist), and the patch seems to work for me. I was
seeing the error during tpm_crb initialization without the patch.

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