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SubjectRe: WARN_ON_ONCE(!new_owner) within wake_futex_pi() triggered
On 2019-01-30 18:56:54 [+0100], Thomas Gleixner wrote:
> TBH, no clue. Below are some more traceprintks which hopefully shed some
> light on that mystery. See kernel/futex.c line 30 ...

The robust list it somehow buggy. In the last trace we had the
handle_futex_death() of uaddr 3ff9e880140 as the last action. That means
it was an entry in 56496's ->list_op_pending entry. This makes sense
because it tried to acquire the lock, failed, got killed.

According to uaddr pid 56956 is the owner. So 56956 invoked one of
pthread_mutex_lock() / pthread_mutex_timedlock() /
pthread_mutex_trylock() and should have obtained the lock in userland.
Depending on where it got killed, that mutex should be either recorded
in ->list_op_pending or the robust_list (or both if it didn't clear
->list_op_pending yet). But it is not.
Similar for pthread_mutex_unlock().
We don't have a trace_point if we abort processing the list.
On the other hand, it didn't trigger on x86 for hours. Could the atomic
ops be the culprit?

> Thanks,
> tglx


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