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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 00/13] KVM/X86: Introduce a new guest mapping interface
On 25/01/19 19:28, Raslan, KarimAllah wrote:
> So the simple way to do it is:
> 1- Pass 'mem=' in the kernel command-line to limit the amount of memory managed 
>    by the kernel.
> 2- Map this physical memory you want to give to the guest with
>       mmap("/dev/mem", physical_address_offset, ..)
> 3- Use the user-space virtual address as the "userspace_addr" field 
> You will also need this patch (hopefully I will repost next week as well):

I took a look again at that patch and I guess I've changed my mind now
that the kernel provides e820__mapped_any and e820__mapped_all.
However, please do use e820__mapped_any instead of adding a new function



> I will make sure to expand on this in the cover letter in v6.

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