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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 2/3] drivers: platform: goldfish: goldfish_address_space: add a driver
> Also, why does the other Android "emulator", cuttlefish, not need
> special drivers like this and the other goldfish drivers? Shouldn't you
> be using the same interfaces that they use that are already merged
> upstream?
> Actually, now that cuttlefish works on a mainline kernel, can't we just
> delete the existing goldfish code?

cuttlefish is a separate emulator with different assumptions which do
not work for us.

Our emulator runs on Linux, Mac and Windows, it uses host's GPU
directly for rendering.

I am not sure how cuttlefish accesses host's GPU memory (it might not
support this),
but we need it to support coherent memory access for Vulcan. We also
might use it to access
host's camera pixels to avoid copying them.

Please keep goldfish drivers.

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