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Subject[PATCH v3 0/5] Optimize writecache when using pmem as cache
From: Huaisheng Ye <>

This patch set could be used for dm-writecache when use persistent
memory as cache data device.

Patch 1 and 2 go towards removing unused parameter and codes which
actually doesn't really work.

Patch 3 and 4 are targeted at solving problem fn ctr failed to work
due to invalid magic or version, which is caused by the super block
of pmem has messy data stored.

Patch 5 is used for getting the status of seq_count.

Changes Since v2:
- seq_count is important for flush operations, output it within status
for debugging and analyzing code behavior.

Huaisheng Ye (5):
dm-writecache: remove unused size to writecache_flush_region
dm-writecache: get rid of memory_data flush to writecache_flush_entry
dm-writecache: expand pmem_reinit for struct dm_writecache
Documentation/device-mapper: add optional parameter reinit
dm-writecache: output seq_count within status

Documentation/device-mapper/writecache.txt | 4 ++++
drivers/md/dm-writecache.c | 23 +++++++++++++----------
2 files changed, 17 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)


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