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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 2/3] drivers: platform: goldfish: goldfish_address_space: add a driver
On Tue, Jan 29, 2019 at 12:32:12AM -0800, Roman Kiryanov wrote:
> > How does QEMU do this today? There isn't a virtio or some other virtual
> > memory device that allows memory regions to be shared? I can't believe
> > that there isn't one yet. If not, then this should be some kind of
> > "generic" QEMU memory device, not a "goldfish" specific one, right?
> I also thought this should not be something unique to us. So I asked
> in our internal mailing list, I heard nothing back.

As we have no idea who is on your internal mailing list, that's really
not a good representation :)

> > Please work with the QEMU developers on this, I need their ack before I
> > can take something like this.
> This is a good point. I asked there (nothing since 1/24):

less than a week is short :)

> When we were working on our device side, we had to change some QEMU
> code and later noticed that HAXM also requires some fixes (we had
> meetings with Intel). I suppose QEMU does not have this feature yet.
> Could you please tell if we can proceed with upstreaming as is?

I told you what the requirements would be to get this merged in the
previous email, that has not changed.


greg k-h

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